What is the Child & Youth Network?

The Child and Youth Network (CYN) is a collaborative of over 150 local organizations and individuals from the education, health, recreation and social service sectors. The CYN is dedicated to working together to change outcomes for children, youth and families in our city. Together we developed our vision:

Happy, healthy children and youth today. Caring, creative, responsible adults tomorrow.

The CYN has developed and is implementing a Child and Youth Agenda for London. This agenda is a 3 year strategy document which sets out priorities, goals and strategies in 4 priority areas:

  1. End Poverty;
  2. Make Literacy a Way of Life;
  3. Lead the Nation in Increasing Healthy Eating and Healthy Physical Activity; and,
  4. Create a Family-Centred Service System.

Learn more about the work of the Child and Youth Network and its Agenda to 2015 (on list of background documents).