Learning about Aboriginal Peoples


First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples are a major part of the history of Canada.  In almost every grade level there is a connection to this part of our heritage and many authors have tried to teach us about the aboriginal peoples and their heritage. 

Some books show how their view of the world and the environment is different the western view, and others talk about their history - the positive and negative points.

Check out these great books, written for different reading levels:

Ages 6-12:

Ages 13+:

Although the above list of books is a list of picture books, they are a great resource for any age.  Grab them and read them to get a quick glimpse into the history of the Aboriginal peoples.

For a more mature look at this history, try the following books:

You can also find some informative and interesting videos online:

The Government of Canada also publishes some great free resources you can order online:

Your local library and your school library will also have lots of great books about specific tribes within the Aboriginal cultures.  These books can show you about their living structures, the foods they ate, their hunting tools and the way a village/camp may have worked.

Target Age
6-12 , 12-18
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