The Best Summer Ever!


Every day this summer, at the White Oaks Public School on Bradley Ave in London, Ontario, 45 awesome, cool, amazing, fun kids (who love adjectives!) attend the City of London's South London Day Camp.  Running each week day for 9 weeks, kids can sign up for any number of weeks. Two kids, Quinton and Iliana, have signed up for all 9 weeks!  You have to sign up quickly for this camp, because it fills up fast.  When you learn more about this camp, you will know why it is so popular!

Each week at the camp has a different theme.  This year the overall theme is Dr. Seuss books and each week, a different Dr. Seuss book is the focus.  For example, one of the week's centred on The Lorax and there were activities like picking up garbage and planting herbs.  They were really fun and were all about nature and taking care of our environment, just like the book.

We (the awesome, cool, amazing, fun kids) think our counsellors are amazing and exciting.  There are 7 of them and they are led by Katherine who plans the whole camp.  Wow! What a great summer job.  During the rest of the year, Katherine goes to the University of Waterloo where she is studying social work.  The rest of the counsellors are students too.  Maybe one day, some of us will be counsellors too.

Some of the other things that happen at the camp are hot lunches (yum!) that are cooked by Katherine.  Our favourites are pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheese, pasta, tacos and subs.  We love them all!  We also go swimming at the White Oaks Pool 2 or 3 times a week. To get to the pool, we have to walk ALLLLLLLLL the way down to the end of the hall. LOL (and Willna says: 'sarcasm alert'!). We also go on cool field trips like to East Park, the Children's Museum, Storybook Gardens, the Food Bank, and roller skating at NLOCC.

We have also been learning about all the different ways that we can use our literacy skills, like when we help cook dinner, play games, visit interactive websites, tell stories and write blogs like this one. Literacy is FUN and lots more than just reading and writing.

We think we are the luckiest, awesome, cool, amazing, fun kids because we are spending our time together at this fun camp and we are having the BEST SUMMER EVER!

The South London Day Campers
August 6, 2013

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