This New Year, I Will...


In The New Year, I Will

I will learn something new every day.

Why not make learning a goal for the New Year? Challenge yourself to learn something new each day such as a new program on the computer, a new recipe or how to play a musical instrument.  At the end of the day, ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”

I will support learning at home.

Make teachable moments:

Help your children to increase their basic skills by looking for teachable moments. Here are a few daily activities that you and your children can do together:

  • comparing prices when shopping
  • using coupons
  • reading flyers
  • reading household bills
  • guessing in the grocery line how much you will pay at the till
  • following maps when travelling
  • leaving notes for each other  

It’s easy to take these activities and make them fun. Why not make up challenges (who can find the cheapest price?) or offer rewards (you can keep the money you save)? Show people at home that learning can be fun.

Create a learning environment

Make sure there’s a set area and set time where everyone can take time to do homework, read or write. Why not set a goal to have one “unplug” night each week? Replace TVs, computers and cell phones with reading time, music time or craft time.

I will be an example for others.

If your skills could be stronger, set an example and get to school! Why not sign up for free courses to increase your skills? It’s never too late to return to school.  If you want to take an interest course, check with the library to see if there are free courses available.  If you want to stay home, check out sites like Coursera ( This online learning tool has over 400 courses and your classmates are from all over the world!

Make this year the year to learn!
Start now by telling someone what you want to learn and ask others in your house to share what they hope to learn this year. By saying your goals out loud, you are one step closer to starting your learning resolution.


Good luck in the New Year!

Anne Marie Curtin, Literacy Link South Central