Choosing the 'Right' Book


My daughter started grade 1 in September.  This is a big year full of independance, increased desk work and social growth, however, it is also the time where reading becomes a learning focus. 

She came home with this information sheet that I thought was worth sharing.  It is called ' The Goldilocks Rules for Choosing a Book That is "Just Right"'

Brooklynn and I have enjoyed reading together from the time she was a new born infant and she has always had a love for books.  I am so proud of how her reading skills have increased and want to be sure that she continues to have the zest for reading.  Most importantly, it is important that she doesn't become discouraged by trying to read a book that is too hard.  Successful reading will keep the momentum.

I love to hear Brooklynn read and get so excited when she is able to put the sounds of a word together and figure it out for herself, however, I love reading our favourite stories to her as well.  It has been proven to be beneficial to continue to read aloud to your child, even after they have reached the point of reading independently, and it's a good opportunity to snuggle up together.

Here is another link from TVOParents with book suggestions for a variety of age groups:

Other sources for book recommendations would be at your local London Public Library and your child's classroom teacher or school librarian.

Have fun and get lost in a book together!



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