#2000Words Easter Egg Hunt


Have you heard about the #2000 Words to Grow campaign?  Research shows that the number of quality, positive words a child hears in an hour can dramatically impact their future success.  As a Mommy of one almost nine-year old girl, that leaves me contemplating how we can get more words in our life.  Footnote: We already talk a lot, but it seems there is always room for more words!


We’ve always done a traditional Easter egg hunt.  Hide chocolate around the house, wake up and search.  Fun!  But for the first Easter, we have a puppy and a problem.  Random hiding of chocolate around the house is not an option.  I want secure chocolate and more words.  Enter This Is Literacy’s #2000Words campaign and voila - a #2000Words Easter scavenger hunt is born.


6 Easy Steps to Your #2000EasterWords Scavenger Hunt:

1.Google search Easter egg free scavenger hunt.

2.Download the best of what you can find, print and snip. Here is the one I used with free clues.

3.Stuff eggs.

4.Hide eggs. (Where the puppy can’t get at them.) 5.Wait for Easter morning.

6.Wake up, read together, talk together and search together.


Easy peasy!