Baby's Book Bag


Baby's Book Bag is an initiative of London's Child and Youth Network Literacy Team and the Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London.  

Research shows that parents who provide stimulation to their babies by reading, rhyming, singing, cuddling, talking and playing, help to develop their child’s brain in ways that will make reading and learning much easier in the years to come. This initiative provides new and expectant parents in London with a free literacy bag containing practical, hands-on tools and information to use as soon as the baby is born.

Baby's Book Bag is distributed to parents in a number of ways throughout London. Participants of Middlesex-London Health Unit Prenatal Classes receive a bag after a presentation about the importance of reading to babies from birth; some physicians and nurse practitioners give new parents a coupon called Prescription for Literacy that can be redeemed for a bag at London Ontario Early Years Centres and the London Public Library; and, many agencies or organizations who work with parents of babies and young children have a supply of bags and give the bag to those parents did not receive it at prenatal classes.

The contents of Baby’s Book Bag:  Literacy…right from the start give parents practical tips and tools to make the transition to life with a new baby much easier.  This free resource is ready to be used with babies right from birth.

In each bright and sturdy bag, parents will find:

  • 2 high quality board books
  • A locally-produced CD with songs and rhymes along with an accompanying booklet with words and actions
  • Information about resources for young families offered in the community
  • A list of recommended literacy websites
  • Information about the how and why to read to your baby
  • An application for a London Public Library card
  • A brochure on speech and language skills for babies from birth to 30 months
  • A magnet from
  • Information about Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London

For more information about Baby's Book Bag, contact Jennifer Smith, Literacy Team Project Manager at 

And check out this article in the London Free Press!


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