Are Digital Books Good or Bad for Children?


In today's world, children are exposed to digital media on a daily basis.  We are told that it is beneficial to limit children's screen time, but what about digital books?  Research is showing that there are benefits to digital books when there is narration and highlighting of words.

This article entitled '2 Ways Digital Books Benefit Kids' by Beth Bacon gives more detailed information on the good things that the convenience of a digital book can bring to a child's learning.

Downloading ebooks to your phone, tablet or ereader can be heaven sent when you are travelling in the car or on the bus.  Waiting in a doctor's office, or just snuggling up together.  Libraries now use the Overdrive App to make loading books on to your device quick and easy. 

Give it a's good for your kids!

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0-3 , 12-18 , 3-6 , 6-12
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