Choosing High School Courses


This report by People for Education, a parent advocacy organization, addresses the decisions to be made by Ontario's Grade 8 students with regards to what high school courses they are going to take.  The report highlights that among elementary schools that have Grade 8 classes, 29% have guidance counsellors. Schools who do have counsellors say – two times more than those who don’t – that one-to-one support is received by families and students regarding course decisions. If a student takes applied Grade 9 courses, they are less likely to graduate, go to college or attain Grade 9 Math and Grade 10 literacy test standards. The report recommends that the Ontario government investigate the implications of course decisions at the start of high school and that they look into delaying them, as per OECD recommendations. They also recommend that schools and boards offer parents and students more research and test result details regarding the different course types.

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