The Power of Engaged Reading


The art of reading, particularly engaged reading as opposed to the mechanics of reading, is a powerful predictor of life success by any measure. It is not only the best predictor of who goes to university – regardless of socioeconomic background and parental education – it is the best predictor of life income, career options, even life partner choices. And neuroscience is proving that reading fiction is one of the most powerful means of developing sympathetic individuals, with better social skills and higher levels of self-esteem. The converse, especially for unengaged young male readers engaged in long hours of playing video games, is higher unemployment and dependence on social welfare, antisocial behaviours and increased crime rates. Never has there ever been such compelling evidence of the power of engaged reading for our youth and their future prospects.

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Target Age
12-18 , 3-6 , 6-12
Skill Development
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