Inside Your Teenager's Scary Brain


The teen years can be scary and confusing for both the teenager and the parent.  This article provides some greater understanding of teen behaviour and cognitive development by looking at how the teenaged brain develops.

.....the teenage years comprise one of the brain’s most critical periods for development—likely every bit as crucial as early childhood. “That seven years in their life is, in a way, as important as their first seven years of life,” Jensen says. “It is probably one of the most important seven-year [periods] in their entire life.”

Among the most popular misconceptions about brain development is the idea that the most important changes happen in the first three years of life. This “myth of three,” has been the source of intense parental anxiety over the fear that “adults are in a race against time to provide stimulation to their infants before their synapses are lost,”........

......researchers found that changes to verbal IQ were strongly linked to reading abilities in early adolescence, suggesting that changes weren’t simply genetic. They recommended that children with dyslexia be given audiobooks so their verbal IQs don’t deteriorate as they age.

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