Fitness Matters at Any Age


You don’t have to look far to find reports on the declining fitness levels of children today or to hear how a healthy, active lifestyle starting at an early age can impact a child’s future success. It makes sense and we all want the best for our children, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out just what Physical Literacy looks like for young children. Anyone who works with young children or families is already trying to fit a lot into their program with strained budgets and little extra time to learn new skills. Now you’re expected to add another “literacy” into your day!

A partnership between the YMCA of Western Ontario, LUSO Community Services, the Child and Youth Network Literacy Priority, and the London Public Library along with funding from the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund has resulted in the creation of four different Physical Literacy Teaching Kits. Each kit is geared to  a specific early years age group and contains background information and resources to help service providers add movement into their existing routines. These kits are unique because they offer more than the usual “physical education equipment” that most other kits contain. The kits serve as teaching and awareness tools using low cost equipment. They also go one step further and put the “literacy” back in physical literacy. This isn’t about adding another subject to your curriculum; it’s about learning how to weave physical and traditional literacies seamlessly into your program.

IF YOU WORK IN LONDON, free training sessions are available for anyone who works with children ages birth to 6 years of age. Each 60 minute session includes information about Physical Literacy, what it looks like for specific age ranges, how to add movement to storytimes or playgroups, and how to add literacy to physical activity. There will also be time to explore and play with the equipment as well as share ideas.

Available Kits:

Birth-One Year
One-Two Years
Three-Four Years
Five- Six Years

For more information or to schedule a training session for your group, please contact either:

Frances Cutt

Amanda Benton


Target Age
0-3 , 3-6
Skill Development
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