Ready for School?

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Ready for School?

Is your preschooler ready for full day Kindergarten this fall?  Did you know that play time is an important part of getting your preschooler ready for school.  Foster your child’s imagination.  Join in the fun! Be silly and follow your child’s lead.  Play is how your child learns about the world around him.

To help your child feel more comfortable about going to “school”, reviewing what to expect will help him prepare for the change.  Start creating new routines and practice these routines before school starts.  Encourage everyone to go bed a little earlier, have a healthy breakfast together, and encourage more independence by encouraging your child to wash her hands, get dressed, and brush her teeth on her own.  Think of ways to provide positive reinforcement.  Don’t expect miracles.  There will be days in spite of our best efforts that things do not run smoothly.  Remember, each day is a new opportunity.

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Written by:  Nathalie Vandenheuvel, RN, Public Health Nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit

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