Reluctant Teen Readers

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Reluctant Teen Readers - Tips for Secondary School Success


We know them, we live with them, we roll our eyes at them but we still love our reluctant teen readers. Despite our best efforts, it seems as though they just don't want to read anything besides their hand held devices. Don't worry you’re not alone; here are our 5 best tips to encourage teen reading.

  1. Set the example. Let your teens see you reading for enjoyment. Don’t just encourage them to read, read in front of them. All children, even teens, learn by watching.
  2. Create a cozy reading environment. Make sure you have lots of books, a well-lit nook, and a comfy seat. Magazines are great for these spaces and short articles are quick to grab the attention of your busy teen.
  3. Allow them to read in bed, after their bedtime. Yes, sleep is so important! But allowing your teen to fall asleep with a book is much healthier for their developing brains than the alternative screen time send-off with a snap or post to Instagram. Clip-on book lights are inexpensive and easy to find.
  4. Take them to the library. When your teen is working on an assignment, or you are looking for something to occupy your Saturday, take them to the library. The spaces that they have built up for teens are cool, inviting and full of different types of reading material. Encourage your teen to ask the librarian for help when looking for a essay topic or a genre of interest.
  5. Plan a family game night. If all else fails and there is little interest in the newest Harry Potter or BMX magazine, plan a family board game night on a weekly basis. Have your teens read the rules out loud to the rest of the family members, give them the opportunity to be the banker, and have them read game cards aloud.
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