Conversations while Grocery Shopping

I'll be the most confident kid in class.

Did you know that research indicates that the number of quality, positive words a child hears in an hour can dramatically impact their future success?

Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate quality words into your next grocery shopping trip. And make it fun too!

  • Which do you think come in more colours- fruits or vegetables? Keep track of all the colours on a piece of scrap paper and see if your estimate was correct.
  • Have you ever heard someone say “You’re the apple of my eye” or “That’s peachy!” What other fruit or vegetable phrases can you think of? Don’t be afraid to get silly!
  • Is it possible to eat the alphabet? Try to find a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet. For example: avocado, banana, cucumber…
  • Grocery Store Tales. Work together to tell a “grocery store tale” or story. Either you or your child can start the story, setting the scene. Each person builds on the story, taking turns back and forth. The only rule is that each new addition to the story must include something the person sees at the grocery store.
  • Grocery Store BINGO. Just like the classic bingo game, but using a card filled with grocery items. You can make your own ahead of time with pictures and words from grocery flyers or use this cute grocery bag bingo card from Nest of Posies. Bring the conversations home…
  • Be creative with and use different fruits to make faces on a whole grain bagel. How about pineapple chunks for hair, blueberries for eyes, an apple slice for a mouth and strawberries for a nose and bow tie.
  • Children are natural scientists. Try planting carrot tops, potatoes that have sprouted or apple seeds in soil and see if they grow. The Library has many great books with gardening activities for children.
  • Encourage older children to plan a meal. Read the recipe together and have them prepare a shopping list, estimate how much it will cost and help with the food preparation. The more you include children in meal preparation, the more they’ll enjoy mealtime.
  • Experiment on weekends with different raw vegetables and dips like hummus. Try different flavours and discuss which one they like best. ** Hummus is a great meat alternative.

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