Conversations while doing Laundry

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Did you know that research indicates that the number of quality, positive words a child hears in an hour can dramatically impact their future success?

Incorporating these conversation ideas into your next laundry day will make it fun and help introduce words into your child's day!

  • Sock Ball. Place a bin, container or basket for each child against a wall and a basket of clean socks nearby. Tell players to take turns pulling matching pairs of socks out and rolling them into a ball. Players take turns tossing sock balls into the sock owner’s bin. Each sock ball that lands in the correct bin is worth 2 points. Each sock ball that lands in a different player’s bin is worth 1 point and sock balls that land on the floor are worth 0 points.
  • What do you feel? Have your children close their eyes and guess the items you give them just by feeling them. It’s fun and it encourages them to expand their vocabulary to describe texture, size and smell.
  • Rainbow Challenge.: That basket of clothes is like a mashed-up rainbow. Encourage your child to pick up a piece of clothing, and name as many other things he/she can that are the same colour. For instance, after choosing those red pajamas, he could name an apple, fire truck, pizza sauce or a ladybug. Have your child do it with every colour in the pile and then see how you do on this colour challenge.
  • Make folding laundry a family affair. Try washing and drying all the laundry during the day and set one or two nights for Family Folding. Set up baskets or spots for each family member and perhaps one for towels and wash cloths. Folded laundry can be placed in the correct basket/spot. Have fun doing this chore together while talking about your day.
  • Laundry Toss. This game can be played with clean or dirty clothes. Make a pile of dirty laundry and set up baskets for whites and colours. Take turns tossing laundry into the correct basket. Give each person a basket and as laundry comes out of the dryer, take turns tossing clean clothes into the owner’s basket.
  • Folding Race. Dump all your clean laundry on a table or the floor, set a timer for 3-5 minutes and challenge the whole family to neatly fold as many pieces of laundry as possible before the timer ends. The winner is the person who neatly folds the most laundry. The activity is the perfect way to break up family television viewing time and get everyone moving. Each time a commercial comes on, the folding race begins.
  • Laundry baskets aren’t just for laundry. Young children can work on hand strength and fine motor skills while pushing large pom poms, scarves, socks and more through the holes or slots in a laundry basket.
  • Laundry Race. Name a colour and call out “GO”. Each child must race to their room and bring back all their dirty laundry with that colour. Keep naming colours until all dirty laundry is sorted into baskets ready for washing.
  • Laundry Basket Push Game. While the laundry is in the washer or dryer, encourage your toddler to push a basket with books or toys in it around the room. Use cushions, shoes detergent bottles, cones or painter’s tape on the floor…as obstacles to go around. This provides muscle developing exercise perfect for indoor play
  • Practice hanging laundry. This activity provides wonderful fine motor skill development for children ages 2 and older. Encourage children to hang laundry on clothes lines or create your own using cord or skipping ropes.

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