Conversations while On the Move

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Did you know that the number of quality, positive words a child hears in an hour can dramatically impact their future success?

Here are ideas to keep your children talking while having fun traveling on short jaunts or long trips!

  • Acronym Game. Another fun license plate game for the family to play on the move is the acronym game. First you pick a random license plate on a vehicle, then you pretend the letters of the license plate are an acronym for a made up word or phrase. The silliest/ funniest acronym or phrase wins. For example: a license plate that reads TC4DB could be “The Centre 4 Dancing Bears” This game is fun, creative and builds literacy skills.
  • Snork. One player chooses an object that is often seen from the car or bus. Each time the object is passed on your journey, that player says “snork”. The other players must look around and call out guesses for what that object might be. The winner is the first player to correctly guess what the “snork” is.
  • Silly Signs. Players take turns making silly messages from road signs. Players can only change one word on the sign and the new word must begin with the same letter as the changed word. For example: “Men at Work” could become “Monkeys at Work”.
  • How many cows? Players decide on a reasonable number based on the length of the trip such as 50 for a long trip or 10 for a short one. Each player counts the cows they can see from their window and the first person to reach that number wins. Players can also look for other items such as stop signs, red cars, dogs…
  • Word Search. Players find a license plate with at least 3 letters (not including letters from Province names etc.) The first player to call out a word containing the letters in the order they appear on the license plate wins the round. If the letters “CFL” appear, the word “colourful” could be called out. • Spotter: One player names an object likely to be seen from the car or bus window. The first player to spot the object gets to call out the next object. For example: tree, dog, garbage truck…are all objects likely to be seen on a trip.
  • Plate Counting. Players must find numbers in order from the large numbers on license plates. Numbers must be found in order and only one number can be used from each plate. If the numbers 1 2 3 appear on a plate they can be used as 1,2,3, 12 or 23. The numbers must be used in the order they appear on the plate so 1 2 3 cannot be used as 32, 21 or 31. The player to reach the highest number before you reach your destination wins.

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