Great first books for babies and toddlers


There are so many wonderful books to read aloud to your baby or toddler and it is never too early to start. However, it can be overwhelming to choose from them all. 

What to look for...

Board Books – These books are made from heavy cardboard with a plastic coating which makes them easy to wipe clean.  It is easy for very young children to turn the pages. These books are sturdy and can withstand rough use by babies who often throw them, crawl over them and mouth them.

Touch-and-feel books – These books are often in board book form, but they have different textures or contain holes that invite children to explore them with their fingers.

Interactive books – Moving parts or flaps that lift will engage toddlers and can be lots of fun, but they do not last well with rough treatment.

Rhyming Books – Books with interesting language, rhythm and sounds such as nursery rhymes, songs and poetry books, or books with repeated language allow toddlers to predict and memorize words in the text.

Here is a short list of some special books that you and your baby or toddler will enjoy...

All of these and many more can be found at the London Public Library.

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