Math is literacy too!


Books and stories are a great way to help children enjoy numbers and math, long before they learn math at school! Here are a few of our favourite picture books that will boost children's familiarity with numbers and math.

  • The Great Math Tattle Battle by Anne Bowen - A great story with some numbers thrown in.  There are lots of one and two digit addition problems, and the last page of the book includes some simple problems for the reader to solve.
  • How to Train with a T-Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals by Michael Phelps - There are a lot of numbers in this book, but the focus is on comparisons, and helping children understand large numbers.
  • One Grain of Rice by Demi - This is a great book to introduce children to multiplication, by focusing on doubling.
  • The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett - A simple introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence and multiplication.  It also has an excellent story line and creative illustrations.
  • How Much is a Million? by David Schwartz - This book introduces children to the concept of one million - they come to understand just how big that number really is!
  • Sir Cumference series by Cindy Neuschwander - This series introduces children to math terms and ideas by using a knight as the main character.
  • What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? by Julie Ellis - An introduction to the Pythagoras Theorum and how it came to be.
Target Age
3-6 , 6-12
Engagement , School , Skill Development
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