13 Little Blue Envelopes

Maureen Johnson
Target Age

What would you do? It’s summer, and from her grave your aunt has left you 13 little blue envelopes. You can only open the next envelope after you’ve finished following the instructions of the first one. The first envelope has $1,000 in it and tells you to get on a plane to London, England! Seventeen year old Virginia “Ginny” Blackstone isn’t so sure that it’s a great idea, particularly when she learns the rules. She:

  • Can only bring what fits into her backpack
  • Cannot bring any kind of translation help
  • Cannot bring extra money
  • Cannot bring or use anything electronic.

That means no hair products, no cell phone, no Facebook, no GPS or Google Maps! Would you do it?

Ginny sets off on a European adventure that will change her life. She falls in love with Keith in London, rocks Karaoke in Denmark, meets an unusual artist in Scotland, explores alternative theatre in London, enjoys a Houseboat trip in Amsterdam, and faces disaster in Greece. It’s only when she returns to London and learns to count on Richard, that Ginny truly feels reconnected to her favourite aunt.

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