Cut the Lights

Karen Krossing
Target Age

Briar sees the world through the eyes of a director. So when her performing arts high school chooses her to direct a play, she is absolutely confident about her vision for the performance. Managing the props, costumes and lighting is easy. Managing her cast and crew proves to be far more difficult.

Karen Krossing’s Cut the Lights is part of the brand new Orca Limelights Series about teens in the performing arts. The premise has created a different kind of character, a teen who not only has to struggle to define who she is, but has to do it in front of an audience. Briar decides to manage the challenge by putting on her director’s glasses (red cat’s-eye frames, no lenses) to narrow her focus. It isn’t until she takes off her glasses that she begins to see that directing is about a lot more than what happens on stage.

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