Year of Mistaken Discoveries

Avery has it all – looks, popularity, good grades, and a handsome boyfriend. Nora, on the other hand, never really fit in. After discovering they were both adopted, the two became fast friends in first grade, but lost touch in high school after Avery joined the cheerleading team – a move that Nora neither understood nor supported. When Nora’s attempt to find her birth mother takes a disastrous turn, she commits suicide. Avery decides to honour her childhood friend by searching for her own birth mother, with the assistance of Nora’s senior project partner, Brody. But Avery has a picture-perfect image to maintain, and Brody soon discovers that he doesn’t fit into her privileged life. Faced with the possibility of losing the first boy she ever really cared about, Avery must be honest with herself for the first time in her life – even if this means sacrificing everything she thought she wanted.

Eileen Cook returns with Year of Mistaken Discoveries, a romantic tragi-comedy from the perspective of the most popular–often most hated–girl in high school: the cheerleader. Avery is more than a shallow stereotype, however, and while some readers may have difficulty sympathizing with a socialite who exploits her friend’s suicide for her own purposes, others will be pleasantly surprised by her dry wit and brilliant strategizing abilities. Ultimately, Avery matures over the course of the novel and learns important lessons about honesty, image and the power of friendship. Year of Mistaken Discoveries is provoking, fast-paced entertainment, and Cook successfully tackles some tough issues with a very light touch.

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