Code Name Verity

Elizabeth Wein
Historical Fiction
Target Age

“Verity” knew that being an Allied spy was risky, but she hadn’t anticipated being caught by the Gestapo. When she’s tortured and imprisoned in Nazi-occupied France, her captors force her to confess everything she knows about the British war effort. However, they don’t realize that Verity will give them much more than a sterilized account of her time with Special Operations. No, what follows instead is a compelling story about cowardice, patriotism, and Verity’s beloved friend, Maddie, the resourceful pilot whom Verity abandoned in the wreckage of her last landing. Readers will discover the truth about Verity and her history, but it won’t be anything they’ll expect.

Code Name Verity has received nothing but critical acclaim since its release in 2012, and for good reason. Verity is an incredibly endearing character with a strong personality and a voice to match. The bond between the two main characters is one of the best friendships ever developed in Young Adult fiction, and the book’s twists and turns will captivate readers to the last page. It’s the perfect novel for World War II aficionados, mystery lovers, or anyone who just loves great female characters. An absolute must-read for anyone interested in teen fiction.

Submitted by Emma A.

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