About That Night

Norah McClintock
Young Adult Fiction
Target Age

On a cold night between Christmas and New Year’s, a retired schoolteacher wanders away from home. Her body is found, frozen, the next morning. That same night in a different house, sixteen-year-old Jordie Cross argues with her ex-boyfriend, Ronan, over a missing bracelet. Jordie accuses her current boyfriend, Derek, of stealing it, and Derek leaves, determined to prove his innocence.

As Jordie searches frantically for the missing bracelet, she realizes that she doesn’t love Derek and still has feelings for Ronan. But before she can break up with Derek, his body is found, battered, and all clues point to Ronan as the killer. Jordie races to cover Ronan’s tracks, even though she isn’t entirely certain that he is innocent. But someone, somewhere, knows what happened that night, and Jordie is determined to find out who it is. Five-time winner of Canada’s Arthur Ellis award for crime fiction, Norah McClintock returns with About That Night, a chilling new mystery about love, betrayal, and deadly secrets.

Writing from multiple perspectives, McClintock allows each character a unique voice, yet still maintains a consistent flow and rapid pace. Because of this, the novel’s suspense lies more in the potential romance between Jordie and Ronan than in the murder that reunites them. Here, McClintock does not fail to disappoint, though she does not entirely cede to convention either, leaving the story somewhat open-ended for readers to draw their own conclusions.

Murder mystery aficionados may solve the puzzle long before the dénouement, but McClintock’s masterful character development will keep even the most seasoned readers hooked. Dark, tense, and cleverly plotted, About That Night is the perfect whodunit for a chilly autumn evening in front of the fireplace.

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