Lots of Kisses

Lorna Crozier
Picture Board Book
Target Age
0-3 , 3-6

Lots of Kisses by Governor General’s Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier, is a sweet serenade to babies.  With soothing repetition, and a gentle lullaby lilt, this interactive board book asks what happens if caregivers cover their babies in kisses.  As mothers and fathers shower their wee ones with love, the answer is evident on the smiling faces of parents and babies alike.

Beautifully designed on thick, sturdy pages, this board book will hold up to repeated readings. The typeface is offset against lightly coloured, patterned backgrounds and an adorable, full-page photograph of a smoochable baby accompanies each line. Crozier’s playful wit and humour shines through, such as in the irresistible photo of a baby gleefully sticking her toes in her mouth, accompanied by the line:  “If I kiss your littlest toes/ Whoops! – already they’ve been kissed.”

Newborns love to look at other babies, and the close-up images of multicultural infants playing peek-a-boo, laughing, and peacefully sleeping will undoubtedly fascinate the youngest of readers.  As family favourite board books demonstrate, sharing stories – and kisses – is the perfect way to instil a love of reading.

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