Butterflies Don't Lie

In Butterflies Don’t Lie, the debut novel by Halifax-based author B. R. Myers, sixteen-year-old Kelsey Sinclair is a shy, socially awkward romance quiz junkie. Hopelessly crushing on teen heartthrob, Blaine Mulder, Kelsey is intent on becoming his girlfriend. At the advice of her best friend, Francine, Kelsey gets a job as a busgirl at Queen’s Gallery, the popular seaside restaurant that conveniently neighbours the splashy yacht club where Blaine will be working for the summer. Armed with steely determination, her trusty quizzes, and a spreadsheet of tasks–courtesy of Francine–to track the progress of her romance, Kelsey plunges headfirst and hopeful into her summer holidays.

But her vision of the perfect romance is soon blurred when Kelsey finds herself strangely attracted to the restaurant’s new kitchen help, Luke, who’s everything Blaine’s not: a mysterious, witty, deep, and seemingly carefree thrill-seeker. Much to her surprise, Kelsey learns that feelings aren’t cut-and-dried like the answers in a romance quiz, and that love isn’t as simple as ticking off tasks on a to-do checklist.

Complete with engaging dialogue, a heroine you can cheer for, and a handful of unexpected plot twists, this light-hearted and breezy feel-good tale of believing in yourself, first impressions, and taking chances is a refreshing slice of life. Laced with just the right balance of yearning, humour, and teen angst, Butterflies Don’t Lie is reminiscent of vintage Judy Blume, perfect for escaping winter’s chill.

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