Family Literacy Stoytimes: Readymade Storytimes Suitable for the Whole Family

Kathryn Totten
Target Age
0-3 , 3-6 , 6-12

Storytimes are a great way to introduce children and families to books as well as related nursery rhymes, action rhymes, songs and other activities.  Family Literacy Storytimes: Readymade Storytimes Suitable for the Whole Family by Kathryn Totten is an excellent introduction to the value of storytimes as well as the practical nuts and bolts of planning and implementing storytime sessions.  While this book has a library focus, it can be used by anyone who does storytimes or circle times as part of their programming for young children and their families, such as ECEs or Early Years teachers.  There are many readymade thematic storytime guides with recommended books, rhymes, songs and extension activities.  There are also rhymes with patterns that can be used to create finger puppets or flannel board stories and songs with the sheet music provided so you can learn the tune.  It is a very practical and useful book!  It also is different from other similar guides because it focuses on family literacy which makes it a welcome addition.

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