The Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan
Target Age
6-12 , 12-18

12 year old Percy Jackson doesn’t fit in anywhere, and he’s been kicked out of more schools than he can count, well, 6, but who’s really keeping track. The point is he is always an outsider and has trouble making friends. He does better in his latest school and his new friend Grover Underwood doesn’t seem to care about his ADHD and dyslexia. Everything changes when Percy’s math teacher turns into one of Hades’ Furies while they’re on a field trip to the museum!

When he’s not at boarding school, Percy lives with his mother and Stepfather Gabe. But Gabe sure isn’t very nice to Percy or his mother Sally. In order to have a little peace, Sally takes Percy away for a long weekend. But, trouble ensues. The first night Grover, who is really a satyr! warns of impending doom, so they head to Half Blood Camp, a camp for Demigods. It turns out Percy is a Demigod, (half human and half god), and for some reason he is being hunted. When they are almost there, the Minotaur attacks, Sally is evaporated, and the two boys barely make it safely into Half Blood Camp (try not to think of Harry Potter when you read Half Blood each time).

Percy is granted a Quest, (of course he is, he’s an orphan after all) and he has 10 days until the Summer Solstice to retrieve the Lightning Bolt that belongs to Zeus, and ultimately save the world. Percy and his friends head to Hollywood in order to find the entrance to Hades’ Underworld. (No irony there). What follows is a fast paced, page turning journey that will leave you guessing until the end. Who will betray Percy? Will he find the Lightning Bolt in time? Is Sally alive? Could I be a half blood Demigod?

Renowned author Rick Riordan throws in issues of war, the environment, family, and trust as Percy takes us along for his emotional journey to discover his true identity. The reader can identify with Percy, however, it might be difficult to get invested in the other characters.

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