Red Pyramid

Do you have siblings? If so, you know how…um…difficult…they can be. Imagine how “difficult” it would be to have lived separately for years, and then you have to embark on a death defying adventure that takes you all around the world! Sadie (12) and Carter (14) Kane are thrown together after 6 years when their father vaporizes himself at the British Museum on Christmas Eve!

These two orphans are on a quest to save the world. (Aren’t they all!), from the unruly Egyptian Gods who were unleashed in the terrible “accident” at the museum. Sadie and Carter are teleported to New York City by their uncle, supervised by L.A. Lakers fan Khufu the baboon, and guided by the goddess who was hosted by Sadie’s cat. (I kid you not). And that’s just the beginning of this engaging, fast moving and fun-filled tale!

(spoiler alert) Not only are they descendants of the ancient Pharaohs, but also Carter and Sadie discover they are hosts for the ancient gods!!! They do have magical qualities - Sadie interprets hieroglyphics and Carter summons a combat avatar. Can they solve all the clues, successfully battle all the dangers, and get there in time to stop the world as we know it from destructing? You’ll have to read the book right to the end to find out.

What’s old is new again. In this entertaining romp through Egyptian history and mythology, Riordan pulls the reader into the story, throws in lots of action and adventure, and stirs it with some humour that may have you laughing out loud. Is this similar to Riordan’s Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series? Yes. Is it a fun read? Absolutely. Try not to get hung up about the similarities, and enjoy the story for its own qualities.

The Kane Chronicles are still in production, with book 2, The Throne of Fire, published in May 2011.

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