Childreach ECE Resource Centre


If you have children in your care, the ECE Resource Centre is your one-stop destination for books, learning activities and program materials. Endless resources including themed curriculum kits, resource books full of programming ideas and more, educational videos, dvd's and cassettes, parenting resources and school aged resources.  

In addition, the Workroom provide work space for prep and the tools and equipment needed to get thing done.  The workroom provides a laminator  (25" wide, 3 mil thick), Ellison Die Press Machine (with over 300 die shapes), a button machine, coil binding machine and paper trimmer. 

An annual membership fee of $35 provides borrowing privileges in the resource centre and access to the workroom.

The Childreach Resource staff can offer tips and suggestion on how to use these resources with your children, in your classroom or in your daycare. 

Childreach is located at 265 Maitland Steet in London, Ontario.

Target Age
0-3 , 3-6
Engagement , Skill Development